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Скачать бесплатно Windows 7 xDark™ Deluxe x86 v.3.7 RG (RUS/2010) Rus
[ · Download from mirror () ] 16.04.2013, 11:55
Сборка на базе оригинального образа Windows 7 Ultimate x86 от команды xDark™. Из оригинального образа ничего не удалено, были применены твики реестра и отключены некоторые службы для повышения стабильности и быстродействия системы, применён оригинальный стиль оформления по умолчанию xDark™ Deluxe v.3.7. Интегрированы обновления по 8 ноября 2010 года. Русский языковый пакет приложен отдельно, также можно установить русский после обновлений.

Интегрированные твики:
* Disable CEIP (Customer Experience Improvement Program):
The Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program in Windows 7 is a completely voluntary program designed to help Microsoft improve its operating systems over time. This program collects information about computer hardware and how people use Windows 7.
* Speed up Windows Thumb Time-Delay:
Windows 7 has provided a cool feature with ability to preview taskbar thumbnails whenever the mouse is hovered on the program icon. However, you may notice that it does have some latency to display the preview after mouse over the icon, Thumb Time-Delay has been improved to avoid this problem.
* NTFS; Disable 8.3 Names and Last Access:
NTFS Files systems create file names in 8.3 format. Disabling this option reduces the overhead during the creation of new files or directories.
* Improve DNS Caching:
By default Windows also caches erroneous data and this can take space of valid cache items and thus slow down your Internet access. This will tell windows not to cache erroneous DNS data at all.
* SpeedUp Access to AVI Files:
Speeds up the access of AVI folders as well as makes the renaming and deletion of AVIs easier.
* Enable Boot Optimization:
The Boot Optimization function will automatically defragment boot files and rearrange them so that all boot files are in close proximity to one another.
* Allocate more Critical Threads to Increase Performance:
This Option lets Windows create more critical threads for when your system load is high in order to improve your system's performance.
* Unload DLLS from Memory after Use:
Remove DLL's from memory after use to free up more resources.
* Disable Network Redirector File Caching for Workstation Service:
On network computers, when data is written to a file, it is written to the cache and not immediately flushed to the redirector.
* Improve Core System Performance:
This option lets drivers and system code move to disk whenever required as sometimes more physical RAM is requiered to run an application
* Increase NTFS Performance:
The time stamp for the last accessed files and folders are updated by Windows and this update may take time.
* Enable Self-Healing Capability of NTFS File System:
In earlier version of Windows, NTFS marks the volume "dirty" upon detecting file-system corruption and CHKDSK is required to be run by taking the volume "offline".
With self-healing NTFS is the new feature of Windows Vista and Windows 7, in which an NTFS worker thread is spawned in the background which performs a localized fix-up of damaged data structures, with only the corrupted files/folders remaining unavailable without locking out the entire volume.
* Stop Automatic Rebooting of your System after Windows Update:
Stops automatic rebooting of the system after automatic udpates.
* Disable User Tracking:
Prevents the system from tracking the programs users run, the paths they navigate, and the documents they open. Although somewhat helpful, this tracking is a pontetial privacy threat.
* Show Extensions for Known File Types:
Enable to display file extensions (e.g. DOC, XLS, EXE) as part of file names. This can help you tell disguised malicious software from normal files. It also increases the performance of Vista folders.
* Show Hidden Files and Folders:
This is rarely required for novice users, but is very useful for experienced users as it gives them better control over their computer.
* Always Show Menus:
By default Windows Explorer does not display the menu bar.
* Use Checkboxes to Select Items:
Adds Checkboxes to file views to make it easier to select several files at once, wich can be useful if it is difficult for you to hold the CTRL key while clicking to select multiple files.
* UAC disabled... make things work correctly with UAC off...
User Access Control (UAC) can be a very annoying feature. Allow operations without administrator consent (similar to Windows XP).
* xDark x86 3.7 RG Tweaks...
... and many more...

xDark Контекстное меню:
* Add "Take Ownership" to the right-click context menu
* Add "Open with Notepad" to the right-click context menu
* All items have an "edit.." on right-click context menu sending to notepad
* Add "Copy File Names" to Context Menu
* Add "Copy To/Move To" to the right-click context menu
* Add "Register/UnRegister Dll" to the right-click context menu
* Add and associate system files to open with Restorator to the right-click context menu
* Add "Atributes" -> Toggle Archive Atribute -> Toggle Read Only Atribute -> Toggle Hidden Atribute -> Toggle System Atribute; to the right-click context menu
* Add "Install" to right-click on Font Files
* Add "Appearance" to the right-click context menu
* Add "Media Info" to the right-click context menu
* Remove unlikely templates from the New menu

xDark Контекстное меню рабочего стола:
* Add "Clear Clipboard" to the right-click context menu of "Desktop"
* Add "Kill Not Responding Tasks" to the right-click context menu of "Desktop"
* Remove "Fonts" from Desktop and Other right-click context menus
* Add "Show / Hide Hidden Files" to the right-click context menu of "Desktop"
* Add "Show / Hide File Extensions" to the right-click context menu of "Desktop"
* Add "Run" to the right-click context menu of "Desktop

xDark Контекстное меню компьютера:
* Add "Command Prompt Here" on the right-click context-menus of Drives, Folders & My Computer
* Add "Advanced System Properties" to the right 2000click menu of "Computer"
* Add "Calculator" to the right click menu of "Computer"
* Add "Control Panel" to the right click menu of "Computer"
* Add "Device Manager" to the right click menu of "Computer"
* Add "Control Mode" to the right click menu of "Computer"
* Add "Notepad" to the right click menu of "Computer"
* Add "Registry Editor" to the right click menu of "Computer"
* Add "Task Manager" to the right click menu of "Computer"
* Add "Services" to the right click menu of "Computer"
* Add "System Configuration" to the right click menu of "Computer"
* Add "Add/Remove Programs" to the right click menu of "Computer"
* Add "Shutdown" to the right click menu of "Computer

xDark Специальное контекстное меню:
* Copy Path
* Command Prompt
* Explore Here
* Batch Rename
* Search and Replace
* Sign Files
* Path Operations
* Select by Type
* Mount Path as Virtual Drive
* iPhone PNGs

xDark v3.7 Примечания:
* xDark v3.7 Exclusive Default Theme
* xDark 4 Seasons Dark Orb Start Button
* xDark Exclusive Lights In The Dark Systems Sounds Scheme
* 3 xDark System Cursors
* xDark HD Exclusive System Icons (Almost All System Icons Are Customized)
* xDark HD Exclusive Nvidia Top Shell
* xDark Exclusive GodMode Custom Panel and GodMode Creator
* xDark HD Exclusive Wallpapers Set
* xDark HD Exclusive Dark Surrealism User Account Pictures
* xDark Exlusive Integrated Shell On Top
* xDark Exclusive Lights In The Dark Edition Branding
* Hard Disk Changes to xDark HDD Default
* xDark Unwelcome Center
* xDark Gadget Gallery + Extra Black Gadgtes
* xDark Context Menu & Folder Menu
* xDark Network & Internet Optimized
* Super xDark Administrator
* AutoLogon & Boot Optimization
* xDark Power Tools
* xDark Installer Integrated
* xDark HD Graphics & 3D Experience
* and much more...
Интегрированный софт (xDark Post Install script):
* 7Zip 9.18...
... “GPU archiver with high compression ratio”
* Adobe Air
... “Build and deploy rich web apps on your desktop”
* Adobe Shockwave Plugin
... “Browser plug-in for rich multimedia content”
* Ashammpoo Burning Studio 10...
... “A complete burning suite for CD, DVD and Blu-Ray”
* Ave Preview... (tweaked)
... “A skinnable, little image-previewer application”
* C++ 2010...
... “Runtime components of Visual C++ Libraries”
* Definition Update for Windows Defender... (KB915597)
... “Latest definition updates for Windows Defender”
* DirectX November 2010...
... “Latest update to Microsoft's multimedia interface”
* Driver Magician 3.51 Pro...
... “Extract, update and backup your drivers”
* Flash Player (IE)
... “Play files created with Flash and Director”
* Flash Player (Non-IE)
... “The Web's favorite video and animation player”
* Foxit Reader 4.2... (tweaked)
... “A speedy alternative to Adobe Reader”
* Games For Windows Live 3.2...
... “Enables the In-Game Games for Windows - LIVE experience”
* Gimp 2.6.11... (tweaked)
... “Who needs Photoshop when you have this?!”
* HashTab 3.0...
... “Check file hashes on your system”
* Java Runtime Update 22...
... “Run Java applications on your PC without installing the Java Development Kit”
* JDownloader 0.9580...
... “Automated downloads from RapidShare, Megaupload and more”
* K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 6.5.0
... “A complete collection of codecs and related tools”
* LockHunter 1.0 Beta 3...
... “Delete locked files in Windows”
* MicroAngelo On Display 6.1...
... “A complete and efficient way to customize your system icons”
* Microsoft Hold 'Em 6.0...
... “A variation of the standard card game of poker”
* Microsoft Silverlight 4.0.50917.0...
... “Microsoft's answer to Adobe Air”
* Microsoft Tinker 6.0.6000.16748... (tweaked)
... “A small robot marooned in a surreal world of clockwork, inventive mechanisms and challenging puzzles”
* nET Framework 4... (Updated 08/11/2010)
... “The fourth generation of the .NET Framework platform”
* Notepad 2 4.1.24... (Notepad Replacement) (tweaked)
... “Notepad with extra functions”
* O&O Defrag 14.0 Build 205 Professional
... “Defragment and much, much more”
* PlayReady PC Runtime v1.3... (KB971012)
... “Allows PC based applications to access PlayReady content using the PlayReady PC Runtime API”
* Registry WorkShop 4.3.0... (tweaked)
... “Work faster and more efficiently with registry related tasks”
* Revo Uninstaller Pro 2.4.3... (tweaked)
... “Superb uninstaller for programs you can't remove”
* SCSI Pass Through Direct v1.74...
... “A new method of access to storage devices”
* Snow Panther Winrar 3.93... (tweaked)
... “One of the best file compression tools around”
* uTorrent 2.2 Build 22732 RC...
... “Compact BitTorrent client with expansive capabilities”
* VMware Tools
... “Automate and streamline tasks to save time and improve productivity in VMware Virtual Machines”
* Windows 7 Manager 2.0.1...
... “Configure and customize Windows 7 to the smallest detail”
* Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool October 2010...
... “Microsoft's simple and rapid virus scanner”
* Windows Media Player Plus! 1.1...
... “Add new features and improvements to Windows Media Player”
* WinPatrol Plus 19.3.2010.0 Cloud Edition...
... “Control the installation and execution of programs on your PC”
* World Of Goo... (tweaked)
... “Build a safe way to rescue all the Goo balls”
* xCCleaner Addon 3.00.1310... (tweaked, includes CC Enhancer)
... “Excellent free system cleaning and optimization tool”
* xDark CD Art Display 2.1... (tweaked)
... “Show the cover art of the album you are listening to”
* xDark Firefox Killer 3.6.12... (tweaked)
... “Check out the new features in the latest version of xDark Firefox”
* xDark VLC Player 1.1.4... (tweaked)
... “The best multi-format media player”
Контрольные суммы:
* 7 xDark Deluxe x86 v3.7 RG.iso
* CRC32: 6E7D989C
* MD5: 9EA7315B35BE9C1B464745A53D258245
* SHA-1: 522E0BEA6666290BEA562F6F61F09EC1939BA62B
Cкачать Windows 7 xDark™ Deluxe x86 v.3.7 RG (RUS/2010)
Category: My files | Added by: hgoye
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